TIMS Compliant Devices

Comply with the new KRA directives for the improved versions of ETRs.

KRA introduced Electronic Tax Invoice through the implementation of the Tax Invoice Management System.

Each VAT registered trader is required to upgrade their Electronic Tax Registers by 31st July 2022 in line with the requirements outlined in the VAT Regulations, 2020.

New Generation Electronic Tax Registers (ETRS) offer the following benefits;

  • Invoice Validation at the time of generation.
  • The capture of the buyer’s PIN for input tax claims.
  • QR Code and unique invoice number generation to feature on the invoice.
  • Transmission of the electronic tax invoice to KRA on a real-time or near real-time basis.
  • Credit & Debit Note captures while making reference to the original invoice as transmitted to KRA.

We will also carry out integrations with your systems.

Once you upgrade your existing ETRs, you’re encouraged to keep the previously used ETR in accordance with the requirement to keep VAT records for five (5) years as per Section 23 of the Tax Procedures Act (TPA), 2015.


  • Once you pay, the gadget needs to do a ‘handshake’ with iTax and once the gadget has successfully communicated you’re ready to use it and it shall be delivered to you within 7 to 14 days from the date of payment.
  • At the Point of purchase, you shall be given a receipt and a Certificate of Allotment.
  • The gadget will be linked to your iTax Portal.

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